Me on Social and My Social Media Policy

Every now and then I get a burst of new followers on social, Twitter in particular since that's where I spend the most time. I used to update my greeting thread that I had pinned but it became so unwieldy.

Policies and information about me you'll find somewhere in that thread or various social media profiles:

  • I don't post pictures and videos of Black bodies in trauma.

  • I read or am in the process of reading any information that I post.

  • I vet information I share if I've finished reading when I post.

  • If I haven't vetted or finished reading, I'll QT with that info, as soon as energy permits.

  • I have brain fog & dyslexia. You will see typos. Deal.

  • I love everyone. I believe we can't get to freedom with prejudices that make other people less free.

  • BUT AGAIN. I have brain fog & fatigue. The fatique exacerbates the brain fog. So even though I really do love everyone? Sometimes I will forget the right pronouns or to say cisgender.

  • It's in your best interest to treat me like a person, not a Black mammy.

  • I have major 7 disabilities
    & a dozen plus minors ones
    & a weird but mild cancer

so please don’t give me medical advice unless I ask.

  • I will unfollow your stalker or abuser. But what I can't do is know all the details of the thousands of people I follow. What I can’t do is act on information I don’t have. Talk to me. Or unfollow without commenting.

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Jamie Larson