#EverywhereAccessible Projects

All the ongoing projects and missions Everywhere Accessible is engaged in and their status as of today. This list doesn't include completed join projects with other organizations, which we will talk about in separate articles.

and their status

One of the dreams I had for Everywhere Accessible before COVID happened was to create 20 projects that by 2040 would have taken us as far as we can go as individuals working together.

This of course would include securing changes in culture and in government, so the resources that should be available to us as citizens - primarily as Americans, but we intend to become global.

Obviously with my current health concerns, and the recent severe worsening, the timeline for progress on many is fluid.

Our First Two Missions- Currently Live

Our first two missions are of course the 50+ page collection of Disability Hashtags, and our Mutual Aid events.

The Hashtag Project- Status ongoing

I developed the Patient-Facing Guide to Disability Hashtags in 2017, expanding that definition to groups that don't necessarily see themselves as disabled, but need to be in community with others who share their situations, live experiences and conditions.

Because if we can't find each other, how do we help each other?

Mutual Aid Events - Status Ongoing, Restarts Weekly/Monthly as my health allows

The Mutual Aid Thread project is now ongoing on Twitter*. I have #MutualAidThreads, the weekly thread where multiple communities gather to give or receive help. In conjunction with Chronic Loaf, #MutualAidMarathon.

Then there are the mutual aid events #MutualAidMovies, #MutualAidMedia, #MutualAidResources and my solo #Teachathons.

(*I will never call it a letter without receiving millions in compensation. I am due compensation for everything I put into that site only for them to fire all the people who were giving it back, and, perhaps intentionally, destroying the Mutual Aid network that exists there.)

We also have projects still in exporation, research, and early inception.

This section will have fewer details, just a brief discussion of each project and a list of the projects in that category. As each becomes an active project, this page will be updated.

Research means I have not explored the idea yet as it requires more study in order to move forward.

  • an international disabled students union
  • a research study focused on what the top concerns of disabled people are, by category if possible.
  • expanded redefintion of what it means to be accessible to ALL disabled people, particularly in areas not normally considered issues, such as lighting for migraine triggers, fatigue, and the option and ability for most jobs to have a remote working option
  • researching how to stable the disabled economy- how can we get either the aid we need or the work we need outside the systems that are rejecting us
  • a disability community whisper campaign, to steer access and opportunity away from abusive people in the community that hold so much power that people are afraid to confront as individuals.

Exploration means this is just an idea I proposed that has passed the research stage into exploring whether the idea could help in action not just in theory, and is securing resrouces and/or volunteers in order to proeeed.

Anything in exploration is something I have announced,that I'm sure we'll do, but not sure when . I would have talked about it online and received enough positive feedback to see that the need is present.

  • a spoonie knowledge base, built with and for chronially ill people
  • Spoonie Stacks, a way for spoonies to help each other complete projects by all doing part of a job. Possilby as co-freelancers or even an agency
  • accessibility proxies - paying to send people to conferences and protests that aren't accessible and have them send pics with auto-text, and create video we can later caption, add interpreters and/or visual descriptions to ourselves
  • accessibility trainings/kits/setup for events, free for individuals

Early Inception means we're past the stage of discussion alone, and the project is actively being worked on. Any tools or resources or funding needed has been secured and work has started but is not yet in a state to be made available to the publie

  • a COVID safe citizens app & website
  • the Disability Verification Committee - volunteers to man a phone line, email address or other ways of communicating to people that a person is disabled. by and for disabled people.
  • an ALT-Text coalition - bots /people/tools disabled people can call on that aren't platform dependent, to help suppply image descriptions since providing accessibility is itself in accessible.

Coming soon: Completed and finite projects done with other organizations

Everywhere Accessible is currently just me, Tinu Abayomi-Paul and sporadic help from volunteers I meet around the web. So I often join forces with Calling Up Justice or Chronic Loaf, as well as many others I'll fill in later when I'm not brain fogging LOL.

Maybe one day that will include you or your organization!

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Jamie Larson