One thing I can tell you for absolute certain.

Either you will

  • age
  • age and become disabled
  • become disabled
  • or die.

Those are the available options friends. And if you work for yourself, are an independent contractor, a freelancer, an entrepreneur or the owner of a microbusiness, you need to consider what your options will be for not having to work until the day you die.

You could also become temporarily disabled. Or your spouse or child could get a chronic illness. Maybe they already have one and don't know it.

Are You Trying to Bum me Out Tinu?

I know, I know, I'm a real party.😂

Honestly, I'm not trying to turn your sunshine into rain. I'm trying to help you build an umbrella.

The fact is we all need a "What If?" plan. It can sneak up on you. For weeks, for months it can seem like there is no time to make backup plans, plans for the future, or find out what retirement options exist.

Here's the Happy News Though!

You can avoid being unprepared like I was.

Sign up above to download my What If checklist, and see how to be prepared for life's big surprises, whether one creeps up on your tomorrow or twenty years from now!

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Jamie Larson