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I say "us" because it looks classier in the navigation. But right now the only official member is me, Tinu Abayomi-Paul, and some really nice interns I've been loaned.

How to reach me

  • Use @EveryAccess on Twitter if you just want to follow updates & news
  • You can contact me @Tinu on Twitter if you want to reach me directly
  • More contact information is on my personal page @Asktinu on Facebook
  • And if you want to see a weekly image of me doing random stuff, my @AskTinu on Instagram follows everyone back at the moment.

I'm on Mastodon.

Our newsletter will also be up shortly and every issue will have contact info.

If you prefer to text me directly, I'm typically available from 1 pm to 6 pm Central at 214.225.6480. Any other work numbers forward to this number. You can also call me on 702.508.8468, but all calls to that number are screened.

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Jamie Larson