About #INeedRentRelief

This is a project I started during the COVID19 lockdown, when it was not always possible for people to be protected by the CDC's eviction stay.

Some people still got kicked out, or threatened with eviction, or were simply scared either of those things could happen after abruptly losing employment.

It was actually the second mutual aid rent hashtag we made. It's still being used by people who need to get whatever money they can before the first of the month or risk eviction.

Now #INeedRentRelief functions that same way as #RentReliefCommunity. #RentRelief is also a good discovery hashtag, but it's disorganized, hence our direct aid project.

These instructions are still good for how to get help. Also check my pinned thread to see if we have a Mutual Aid Thread active.  

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Jamie Larson