Twitter Is Where to Find Me

I spend a lot of time on Twitter. It allows me to network meet new people facilitae mutual aid launch my writing & public speaking career.

Twitter Is Where to Find Me
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I spend a lot of time on Twitter. It allows me to

  • network
  • meet new disabled people
  • facilitate mutual aid
  • launch my writing & public speaking career.
  • stay abreast of news
  • maintain constant contact with journalist connections and friends.

Here's a starter guide to what you need to know about me on Twitter, and how to get my help, all in one page.

These will take you to all the posts I made here about my social media policies that are still relevant. (There's some overlap with my direct aid projects - you can find the full list of Everywhere Accessible Projects here.)

Introduction and social media policy

Some of what is in the thread below is outdated and will be deleted once the projects page is up to date. This page is meant to supercede.

Looking for other disabled or chronically ill people?

How #DisabledBlackTalk got started

My quieter-than-Twitter hang spot on Telegram

My Meditation Project on Telegram

My signal boost room on Telegram

Am I ignoring you? Nope probably busy.

Am I following your abuser or a bad organization? What to do  to get my attention (and not do)

Direct Aid Help via Twitter

Rent Relief

Mutuals get a signal boost

Non-mutuals, dos & don'ts for getting me to help you get direct aid or help spread your mutual aid request.

I'm not looking for your pinned tweet. You're the 78th person who asked me today and it's too much work.

Some tips for how to get your crowdfunding post noticed.

There will be more in The Vault shortly.

Getting My Attention

One way of course is to follow and interact with me, on my main account or the organization's. But unless I ask you to, please don't tag me. It'll get lost in the hundreds of tags I get per day, and I also will struggle to find the people I actually ask to do so.

And that will make me kind of annoyed!

I only follow about half of people back. So if that bothers you, you can also text my business line at 214.225.6480.

How to support me or my organization Everywhere Accessible

Have you ever wanted to help with a community or social issue, but didn't quite have the knowledge of how to get started or be involved?

One of the main purposes of this organization is to help give you actionable knowledge to affect social change. If you find yourself aligned with one of our missions, each week the newsletter will address up to five of them, with resources, knowledge and an action item.

In a few weeks, once I start loading classes, ebooks and extras into The Vault, you'll have the option of subscribing to the free newsletter or joining the site so you can get everything I put in it for $10 a month.

About 10% of members who are either disabled people and friends of the site will be able to access the site as compensation for their  volunteer work. Applications will appear about a week after the site opens.

Our newsletter, The Emancipation Mission, will be about completing the 20 projects of Everywhere Accessible, will a hope that we can spread the work over many hands in weekly actions of various size.

Those who have money can sign up to the site or contribute extra funds. Those who have time can be volunteers. This site and the newsletter will provide the connection to the knowledge needed or create and curate it as needed.

Until that time, you can make a contribution to the start-up fund, below.

Once we fully launch it will be as a B Company, rather than a nonprofit, at least at first. That way it can count as a write off for educational purposes - as we will have a library of various courses related to our missions as our main feature.

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