#DisabledBlackTalk Questions for the Pain Stories/Support/Recovery Chat

#DisabledBlackTalk Questions for the Pain Stories/Support/Recovery Chat
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As you're probably tired of me telling you, there's a Twitter chat tonight at 10 pom ET for the #DisabledBlackTalk community. We're going to be talking about pain in three parts.

  • Sharing Our Black Pain Stories
  • How We'd like to be supported in our pain & disability as Black people
  • The ways we are able to recover some function, with or without pain medicine.

At the start of our chat, we always have a Question Zero (Q0), that allows us to get to know other people in the community and introduce ourselves.

Below, I'm going to list tonight's questions as well as the approximate time they should appear on the TL. This way, if you like, you can go to Twitter's web page, or the Tweetdeck site, or Buffer/Hootsuite/other scheduling app and set up your questions in advance.

For me, this takes a lot of time, attention or energy pressure off me, and allows me to spend more of the chat mingling and uplifting other voices.

The Questions

[10:00] Q0. Let's get to know each other! Tell us who you are, where are you tweeting from and your favorite show, movie or song.

[10:05] Q1. This month is #PainAwarenessMonth. How does being Black impact whether or how you feel inclined to share your pain story?

[10:10] Q2. I'm working on a project with @national_pain, telling #RealPainStories for #PainAwarenessMonth.

If you'd like, share something about your pain & I'll help you spread it. Include all the hashtags and tag @national_pain if you'd also like retweets.

If you don't want to share your pain story, why not? No judgement of course.

[10:15] Q3.  Now we're going to get into some questions about how you get support, if any, for your pain, vs how you'd like to be supported.

Do you get support for being in #ChronicPain or your other chronic illness or disability? If not, have Black community dynamics with disabled people complicated this?

[10:20] Q4.  Tonight's question 4 comes from @blackfedexman and speaks to how we ask for help.

[10:25] Q5.  What can either/both Black & NB (Non-Black) people do to be more supportive of you?

[10:30] Q6. Now let's talk recovery. Few of us can get a FULL recovery from #ChronicPain, but there are things that can help us feel better. First, of all there's medication. Do you receive proper medication or treatment for your #ChronicPain?

Share as few or as many details/frustration/gratitude about this as you wish.

[10:35] Q7. What non-traditional medicines/vitamins/ingested treatments help with your #ChronicPain?

[10:40] Q8. How difficult is it for you to get treatment for yoru #ChronicPain? Does being Black complicate this at all?

[10:45] Q9. What non-medical or non-ingested treatments do you use for your #ChronicPain? How long do these methods take and how long do they last?

[10:55] Q10. What else is going on in your world? Tell us any projects you have coming up, including speaking events, podcast episodes, educational triumphs, book releases, or sales in your store. Let's #BuyBlack & #BuyDisabled.

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