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Word Cloud for #DisabledBlackTalk, purple background

#DisabledBlackTalk is for all #BlackAndDisabled people.

When we say Black we mean the Whole Black Diaspora

We’re supportive & inclusive of all Black people, & specifically YOU if you’re wondering whether you’re “sick enough” or if your condition is “serious enough”. If you have a condition that is disabling during a flare or all the time, we embrace you.

Not sure if you're "Black enough?"  We basically think that's nonsense, but we obviously have to set some parameters to avoid fakers - but suffice it to say there will not be a cookout quiz.

When we we say “Black people” we mean "Do you have at least 1 Black blood relative who was/is alive at the same time as you?"

Great, come through. We welcome LGBTQIA+ & reject bigotry of all kinds STRONGLY.

Non-Black people?  You are welcome to lurk, retweet, or like, but PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT into our hashtag.

Some of our issues are similar, but they affect us in a different way sometimes. Just like you need space from abled people, we need space to discuss and reflect on how being Black exacerbates or otherwise affects our disabled status as well.

When we say “#Disabled” we’re including

  • Physical & Invisible disabilities
  • Chronic Illness & MentalIllness
  • Neurodivergent incl Autistic
  • People w/ cancer or less than 5 years surviving
  • HIV & AIDs

We also welome all our neighboring cultures such as

  • Deaf/#HoH,
  • all other Neurodivergents,
  • Blind and #DeafBlind ppl.

So yes, every disabled Black body with a disabling condition whether you can still work or not.

We mostly use the group interview style of chat

Our chats are usually group Q and A style, but we diverge from that format from time to time. Like on tonight, everything is happening in this thread. Feel free to QT - as long as you use the hashtag I will come to you at some point.

Questions are labeled Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. Please EVERYONE- whether you are #BlackAndDisabled or not RT or QT the questions so more people can participate & support you from your community. Not required but it’s also helpful for us to see how far we reach.

Answers should start with the letter A &  number of the question being answered, A1, A2,  etc. If that's confusing, QT the question. Please remember the hashtag #DisabledBlackTalk so everyone can see your answer and respond/comment/retweet.

Optionally  include secondary hashtags of the evening #BlackChronicPain to make and individual session and its info easier to find later.

Other than that? Answer as many or as few questions as apply to you or as you like.

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